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We offer to you

Newborn and Pediatric Care

We are thrilled to care for your new baby or young child! We offer well-child check, sports physicals, and vaccines for children as well.

Whole Family Preventative Medicine

Promoting positive health habits that prevent disease is foundational to primary care and family medicine. Prevention has an enormous impact on health, and educating our patients about prevention is very important to us. We provide well-child checks and adult annual wellness visits.

Geriatric Care

We care for all ages! We provide preventative care and can work with home health and hospice agencies as needed.

Gynecologic Care

We can take care of many non-surgical gynecologic needs, including most contraceptive options as well as cervical cancer screening. Postmenopausal hormone treatment is available in appropriate clinical situations.

Contraceptive Services

We provide contraceptive counseling, as well as long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) such as intrauterine devices and Nexplanon. Please note that we do not keep LARC in the office. These are ordered on an as needed basis. Your initial visit for any birth control implants will be to determine if you are a good candidate, with a follow-up visit scheduled for insertion.

Minor Surgery

Several minor surgical procedures can be done in our office. These services include circumcision, IUD insertion and removal, wart removal, toenail removal, minor skin surgery (biopsies), laceration repair, and foreign body removals.

Urgent Care

Come to us with your urgent care needs such as colds, infections, minor injuries, urinary symptoms, etc.

Limited Lab Services

We perform in-office testing for acute needs such as strep throat, influenza, urinalysis, and pregnancy testing. Blood testing and other labs can be sent to the lab of your/your insurance’s choosing. Both St. Luke’s Lab and Treasure Valley Lab are close to the office.